ONE of Orange’s most treasured properties...

“Cothele has truly been a passion of mine, but the time has come to make the move to be closer to my family,” Marie says.
06-10-2016 |
ONE of Orange’s most treasured properties the historic “Cotehele” Bed and Breakfast in Anson Street is being offered for sale as either a bed and breakfast, or a private home.

Although it is just one block from the city’s main street, the superb double brick Victorian property with all original features offers tranquillity and a respite from a busy lifestyle.

Cotehele is set in a meticulously maintained leafy garden and now is the time to view the property, with the 300 tulips about to break out in spring bloom.

Cotehele, or The Magistrate’s House as it is known, has enormous historical significance for Orange and has a history of strog buyer interest on the few occasions it has changed hands.

It was built in 1878 for John Tom Lane who was not only the town’s first magistrate, but also the home of the only magistrate west of the Blue Mountains in that era.

Owner Marie Eedy says “Cotehele” has been a big part of her life for the last twelve years as she has established a rapport with new and returning guests.

She says the atmosphere created by the Victorian-style décor has offered an historic experience which guests would not enjoy in a traditional modern accommodation setting.

“I have loved operating Cotehele and have met some wonderful people during my time here.
The bed and breakfast has built up a well established clientele who visit the city for business and love to sit beside the log fire in the guest loungeroom.

“This has truly been a passion of mine, but the time has come to make the move to be closer to my family,” Marie says.

Cotehele features six rooms each with an individual ensuite with the magnificent guest lounge featuring the original fireplace looking out over the manicured front garden.

Secure on-site parking is available for four vehicles and a private courtyard at the rear of the property affords guests, or any family who may occupy the property, complete privacy in a sunny setting.

Guests staying at Cotehele can either drop in to the restaurant located next door, or take a short walk to explore the city’s fabulous plethora of restaurants, eatery’s, coffee shops and wine bars which are all located within a distance of just a couple of blocks.

With Cotehele shortly to go online and register on Airbnb, the unique features of the historic property can now be shared and enjoyed to many who may not have known about this wonderful property.
“This is truly a unique property which is close to my heart and been beautifully maintained but it is time for someone else to share the wonderful attributes of this property,” Marie said.

She says from the time she first saw the property she was captivated by its meticulous restoration and the retention of the original features of the property.
“When I stepped into the entrance hallway and saw those wonderful original tiles, I knew this property was truly special,” she said.

The entrance tiles were imported from Italy, and remain in remarkable condition, as are the other historic features of the property which was the first built on the block in the late 1870’s
Each room of the bed and breakfast is fully equipped with air-conditioning, bar fridges and summer and winter gowns for guests, as well as an en suite.

Breakfast is served each morning in the spacious dining room adjacent to the main guest lounge.
Marie says although operating Cotehele as a bed and breakfast has been her passion, it does have the potential to become a family home.

“I can even see a family moving in who may have a few children, and perhaps may have an elderly family member living with them,” she said.
“The number of rooms would allow the family’s guests when they visit,” Marie said.
“I think it would work equally as well as a family home or a B&B.”
Although leaving Cotehele will be a wrench according to Marie, it will afford a new operator or a family the opportunity to build their own wonderful memories and experiences in a property which is unique in the true sense of the word.

The property is now being offered for sale by McCormack Barber real estate of Orange and to take advantage of this exciting opportunity, or to find out more about this property, visit the McCormack Barber website.

For more details call Peter McCormack on 0408 003 333.


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