Meet Rob Nevins

Rob Nevins with his pride and joy, a 1925 Dodge soft top vintage car.

By McCormack Barber

13-11-2016 |
ROB Nevins started his career in stock selling after coming off the land in 1992, He later moved into real estate in 2002 , and says while changing technology is now an integral part of how the industry works, some things haven’t changed.

“Buyers irrespective of their age - whether they are first home buyers or sellers looking to downsize, are always looking for quality,” he said.

Rob says although sales are no longer made on a handshake as they were when he began in the industry, trust and mutual respect remain pivotal to facilitating a sale.

“People need to feel they are getting a fair deal and they also need to feel completely comfortable with their agent,” he said.
“Good communication is essential.”

Rob and his wife Kim moved to Orange in 1992 and Rob’s entrée into real estate was unexpected.

“Life makes you turn some funny corners and I got into real estate purely by chance and good timing,” he said.

The Nevins were refinancing their home and consulted two agents – one of them was former Orange agent Christine Norris.
“I was just so impressed by her work ethic and after getting to know us she asked if I was interested in moving into real estate.
“I thought it was a great opportunity as there had been a downturn in the livestock industry in which I was involved, and I knew I would have to look for something else – even start my own business.”

He says at his ‘age and stage in life” it is very satisfying to see return clients making contact again for their real estate needs.

“It is nice to know that all the work involved in building up trust with a client has stood you in good stead and it gives me a great deal of personal satisfaction.

He says he really enjoys the team spirit at McCormack Barber.
“It is a very good working culture and while we all have our own idiosyncracies, likes and dislikes, there is a real sense of fairness and openness.”

Rob says real estate has changed since he first began.

“It isn’t all that long ago that most real estate was conducted through the many stock and station agents in Orange who just handled real estate on the side.

“Now that has completely changed for a number of reasons including the fact we don’t have a saleyards here in Orange any more,” Rob said.

Reflecting on his years in real estate Rob says he has witnessed a big shift in the type of homes most highly sought after in Orange with the expansion of city boundaries and the establishment of numerous new estates.

“A lot of people are going for bigger homes – perhaps due to peer pressure.”

“But of course we have so many three bedroom one bathroom houses in Orange which people built and moved into for the whole of their life, so that type of property presents a challenge despite them being well built and very sound.”

In the coming year Rob says he hopes to become more involved in his passion for ‘Golden Oldies’ rugby, playing squash and taking his classic 1925 Dodge vintage car on the road.