Tips for successful selling

Selling in the current real estate market can often be a challenging. Selling quickly and maximising your price can be harder again.

The three most important areas to consider when putting your home on the market are price, presentation & marketing.

Your home is not the only one on the market. Buyers have plenty of homes to choose from, so not only do you need your marketing to help your property to stand out and grab buyers attention, you also need to create an emotionally ‘wow’ factor when they inspect.

Think about detailing, decoration, styling, furnishing and reducing furniture. All these things can enhance the emotional appeal or remove buyer concerns. Either way it will enhance the value.

Price it right when you list it for sale. There’s nothing that kills a sales of a property (even the best in the town) than a price that the market won’t consider. However if you price them right as you enter the market you give yourself a great chance to achieve a premium by generating strong interest and competitive tension between buyers.